Purchasing Process and Guidelines

Request forms for equipment or other supplies not covered by the school district may be obtained from the Athletic Director or click on the Mills HS Athletic Boosters Request form here).

The completed forms should be submitted by the head coach to the Athletic Director who can present the request at a Mills HS Athletic Boosters board meeting.

Coaches are encouraged to present their request directly to the Mills HS Athletic Boosters at a general membership meeting after submitting the required request for to the Athletic Director for inclusion on the Mills HS Athletic Boosters agenda.

Requests will be discussed at the presented meeting and a vote may take place immediately or may require further review with a vote to take place at a future meeting.

Requests may be accepted, denied or postponed until adequate funds are available.

Requests for amounts over $500 will require a minimum of two vendor bids and items over $1000 will require three vendor bids.

Preference will be given to items which have greatest utility for the largest number of athletes.

Items which can be utilized by multiple teams are expected to be shared, example JV and Varsity, Girls and Boys teams.

Here is a list of List of Essential Items per sport provided by the District.