Athletic Boosters Spring Sport Participation Request

Dear Families of Spring Athletes,

Hello! I trust you're enjoying the excitement of the Spring Sports season as much as we are. Isn't it exciting to watch our young athletes in action?

This year, a bit of a hurdle has come our way - our school's athletic department is navigating through a budget slash of approximately 25%. Thus, your participation fee for our budding athletes has transformed from being supportive to utterly essential.

In light of continuing to harbor an environment where our athletes can grow and thrive, we are kindly suggesting a participation fee donation of $100 per athlete and our goal is 100% for spring athletes. We kindly ask your help in getting us to 100%, and we thank those that have contributed already.

Your generosity will cascade directly into resources, opportunities, and experiences we can provide our athletes and teams. From upgrading equipment to acquiring training tools and game analysis software, your contributions will indeed influence and enhance their athletic journey and experiences.

We, the Mills Athletic Boosters, are a lively mosaic of parents, coaches, teachers, and administrators, united by a common goal: recognizing and nurturing the indispensable life lessons that sports inject into our youth. It's not just about the skillful goals, strategic plays, or winning trophies; it's about instilling teamwork, discipline, leadership, and resilience in our kids. We champion their growth, not just as athletes, but as splendid individuals charting their path towards the future. Our mission extends beyond cheering on game day; it's about building an environment where our athletes can blossom, and for that, we're reaching out for your much needed support.

Here's why your support matters:

Boosting Athlete Morale: Every time our athletes step on the field, court, or track, knowing they have a whole community rooting for them makes all the difference.

Leveling Up Our Game: Every ounce of your contribution translates directly into equipping our teams with what they need to be competitive, ensuring they always stride onto the field confidently and prepared.

Proactive Safety Measures: As our athletes and teams grow, so do their needs. Be it equipment or gear, their safety is paramount.

Our student athletes are pushing their limits, and with your support, the sky's the limit. Let’s meld our energies, resources, and enthusiasm to ensure they continue to amaze us with their capabilities.

Every bit helps, and each contribution, irrespective of its size, makes an impact. Thank you for your support. Can't wait to see what we'll achieve together this season!

Please donate today,


Heather Mezzetta 

President, Mills Athletic Boosters 

P.S. Not just parents can donate, grandparents, aunts, and uncles can too! 

P.P.S. If you have a business, please consider supporting our athletes through our sponsorship program,

Welcome to the Mills High School Athletic Boosters!

Welcome to the Mills 2023-24 new school year and Vikings sports!

With 500+ student athletes and over 30+ Varsity, JV & Freshman teams, Mills offers a rigorous academic and athletic experience for our students.

The Mills HS Athletic Boosters, an all-parent volunteer organization, provides supplemental athletic funding support, volunteer services and enhances overall school and community spirit for all our student athletes, coaches, teams and Athletic Department.


Mills HS Athletic Boosters is proud to be the primary and sole funding source for Freshman sports. We continue to provide certification reimbursement for all coaches; over the past two years we have funded the stadium's new turf  MHS logo, the football team's Hudl account, a premier sports training and scouting service; a golf cart for our athletic trainer; acquired a shooting machine shared by our six basketball teams; a new pitching machine for softball; upgraded our baseball training equipment; acquired water polo striker goals; and purchased canopies for our swimming and running sports.

Additionally, Mills HS Athletic Boosters runs the concession stand for home football and basketball games, we organize the end of year Senior Athlete Awards Night event for senior athletes; we grant Senior scholarships, as well as, provide awards, plaques and Lettermen certificates.


Fundraising in Progress!

Our funding is supported by athlete participation donations, sale of concessions & Mills sportswear, in addition to other community fundraising efforts and events.

Join us in enhancing and enriching your student’s athletic experience at Mills.

Planned Sports for the 2023-2024 School Year

General Meetings

The Mills HS Athletic Boosters hold our meetings monthly September-June at 6 p.m. in the Principal’s Conference Room on the first Monday of the month.  The meetings are open to all so please join us!

View the Calendar for dates.

The Mills HS Athletic Boosters can always use volunteers to help with the concession stand, assist during the seasonal Sportsmanship meetings, assist during Mills-hosted tournaments, serve on the Board, and act as parent liaisons for their student’s team.